- The company ART RESTORATION E.E. offers complete services in the field of conservation of antiquities and works of art. 

It was created by John Liougos, who has been active in the field for over thirty years. He gained important experience during his three years stay in Paris, working in a private painting restoration studio, in very important paintings (such as Bruegel, Ribera, Boudin, Rousseau [le douanier], ecole de Couzco, etc.), where evaluation of authenticity was also realized, using physicochemical methods of investigation, in collaboration with the National Research Center of France (C.N.R.S), while he finished his postgraduate studies in the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes at Sorbonne. 

He also has a significant experience in the Ministry of Culture as contract employer, in the 2nd degree of Education as a professor and a 12 years work experience as functionary, being the person in charge for the conservation-restoration, promotion and management of all the works of art of the Municipality of Ioannina city. 

- We have a fully equipped atelier in the head office of the company situated in Ioannina as well as specialized staff for the “in situ” projects. 

- We undertake the study and consequently the conservation and restoration of ancient, Byzantines, post-Byzantines and contemporary monuments, works of art and objects of historical and artistic interest. 

In the area of our activity are frescoes, iconostasis, icons, easel paintings, wood carvings, works of paper, marble, metal and folkloric objects. 

At the same time, with our network of partners, we offer integrated solutions on museum arrangement,  management, documentation and presentation of collections.  

Working for museums, ephorates of antiquities, universities, banking institutions, bishoprics, prefectures, municipalities, art galleries and individuals, as well as participating in European projects and in international exhibitions add to the recognition of our work. 

Our successful accomplishments in many difficult projects, approved by the relevant offices of the Ministry of Culture, and our regular reports and publications of various projects guarantee the best result for every project undertaken.

- Awarded in 2005 the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage, by Europa Nostra Awards representing the Greek nomination, for the quality of conservation/restoration of the frescoes and iconostasis of the monasteries of Lekatsa and Pelagias Kastrosykias in the Preveza region, was a very special career moment.


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